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The surgeon said there was no evidence that prednisone caused it. I was still taking prednisone before, during, and after that surgery. The hand surgeon didn't seem to care what caused it or how much prednisone I was taking. I have also.
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Hi everyone, I have been on high doses of prednisone since Oct 2014 when I was diagnosed with Sarc. My dosage had ranged from a high of 60 down to 20 and back up again. In Jan 2018 I was diagnosed with cataracts and had surgery to remove both in March and April 2018. Since then the fuzzy blurred vision has improved, but I still have vision.
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Decreasing the dosage of prednisone can curb the expansion and progression of the cataract and other helpful options include: Wearing glasses for both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. If the visual impairment is interfering with your normal daily activities, you can always opt for surgical correction of the cataract.
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Prednisolone eye drops after cataract surgery, Eye doctors often prescribe prednisolone acetate eye drops after cataract surgery. Patients are typically directed to use these drops for about a month after cataract surgery to reduce inflammation and swelling in the eye during recovery.
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Yes can see you have, just looked at your previous posts! Mine was monitored by eye clinic on a 3 monthly basis, and a couple of changes of lenses, until about 8 months later, by when I was down to 6.5mg a day. The surgeon really didn't want to operate then as he didn't consider it bad enough - but I argued my case - a.
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Therefore, it is recommended that people limit screen time two to three hours before bedtime and set their devices to night mode to reduce glare, relieve eye fatigue and minimize blue light at night. However, as we learn more about blue light, not all of it is bad for us.
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During cataract surgery, the eye surgeon removes the cloudy lens of the eye and replaces it with an intraocular lens (IOL) to allow you to see clearly. Recovery from cataract.
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Well not seeing clearly is very serious to me, not acceptable at all. While the prednisone did not worsen the cataracts, I was told by my optomologist, it can distort one’s.
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I would not think that a dosing of 10 mg per day of prednisone would have any adverse effects with your upcoming knee replacement surgery. Certainly, individuals with Chrone's and Ulcerative Colitis (both inflammatory bowel diseases) go into surgery with prednisone dosing of. 40-60 mg a day . . . and do fine. Talk with your surgeon and express.
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