Bridal Car Decoration: Modern Compositions

In the spirit of ikebana, floral car arrangements rely more and more on sobriety. Straight lines and stripping are the keywords of this new trend trendy. In this perspective, you can opt for symmetrical compositions playing on grids bamboo or wood to hang with suction cups on your hood. These compositions will be perfectly adapted to flowers with long stems such as arum or strelitzia, which will perfectly illustrate an exotic theme. Also, think about foliage like palm or banana leaf to decorate your procession. The grid itself can play a decorative role by drawing geometric shapes: triangle, scale … This type of decoration can also be used to decorate the doors even by fixing flowered grids, now small bouquets.

In this modern spirit, simplicity will be required, as evidenced by these arums as placed on the hood of the car, thanks to a suction system. In a more elaborate version, the florist decided to entangle the flowers together to form a triangle covering the hood of the car.

In this new floral trend, flowers lose their heads? From now on, the flower bud is essential to itself as an ornament. You can play simplicity by lining up a few flower buds glued to your hood or doors with a florist’s tape. For a more showy decoration, bet on profusion by scattering flower buds all along your body or on the doors. For a design effect, you can draw with flexible rod arabesques along with your hood and decorate the curve and draw a few flower buds. Also, play on the materials by making a round wooden stand to highlight your floral decorations. To add a touch of originality, you can decorate the hood of the bride and groom, with polystyrene balls covered with petals, as on this presentation of Candida. The feather will bring lightness to your car decoration, as evidenced by this presentation combining pink flowers and feathers held by a rigid rod. To cover the hood, a triangular frame covered with flowers will be the most beautiful effect!

For the car decoration of the bride and groom, the geometric effects will also not be left for the floral arrangements. You will be able to sketch an arc from the bottom of the hood to the outside of the windshield with tulips or gladioli lying down that will give the illusion of a movement effect. You can then embellish the root of the composition of a set of wire mesh and beads that fall back to the level of the bumper.

We also highlight the elegance of these slender compositions covering the entire length of the hood. If you have chosen a car with a round bonnet this kind of writing will be particularly suitable.

Create a lovely sheaf on the side of the hat. You can make a tangle of flowers and rattan stems to decorate the hood of the bride and groom’s car. We will love this original idea that consists of making several bouquets of different diameters that will be fixed on the body with suction cups.